The 8 Best Dumbbell Exercises For Beginners

Using dumbbells as a beginner is a way to ensure good results. They are the most effective tool for beginners to use in their training due to their simplicity and variety of movements. Have a look through these 8 exercises you can add to your workouts today.

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  • Are Dumbbell Workouts Good For Beginners?
  • Benefits Of Dumbbell Training For Beginners
  • 1. Muscle Gain
  • 2. Strength Training
  • 3. Low Skill Training Exercises
  • How To Start Training With Dumbbells
  • Keep It Simplistic
  • Keep Training Low Frequency

Are Dumbbell Workouts Good For Beginners?

Dumbbell training is a great entry point for people getting into resistance training. Dumbbells often come in very light weights and require very little skill learning, unlike the barbell, making them very beginner friendly.

Benefits Of Dumbbell Training For Beginners

1. Muscle Gain

Dumbbells are excellent for high repetition work which will enable beginners to put on muscle mass very easily. Using dumbbells consistently with good technique and maintaining a good diet, you will be able to gain muscle in all the foundational muscle groups.

2. Strength Training

As beginners can get stronger from almost any style of training, using dumbbells even in a higher repetition range will still allow a substantial increase in strength. This make dumbbell training a great way for beginners to increase their strength.

3. Low Skill Training Exercises

Some pieces of equipment are more effective for advanced trainees while others are great entry points for beginners, dumbbell exercises are the later. A lot of dumbbell exercises are simple and easy to learn, meaning the focus can be on the physiological adaptation and not the technique, which is excellent for beginners.

How To Start Training With Dumbbells

Keep It Simplistic

Some dumbbell exercise are harder than others, until you feel at ease with the easy movements don’t try and learn the more advanced movements you can do with dumbbells. I know this sounds obvious but the majority of people are trying to rush their progress in the weight room and want to run before they can walk.

Keep Training Low Frequency

When starting your training journey, its easy to get over enthusiastic and want to train hard 5+ days a week. This often leads to either lack of motivation or injury. Make sure you start with 2-3 days a week and us appropriate volume for each of the exercises.

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