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Sean has thousands of hours of coaching experience and a Bachelor of Science in Sports Science with Management from Loughborough University .

He owns his own gym, CrossFit Essor in the South of France, which runs group classes and contains a Personal Training Studio.


“Using movement is one of the most powerful ways to improve your health and wellness. I aim to provide people with tools and spaces to use movement to improve their health.”


I draw from many different sources to create training sessions that can enhance the health of my clients. Influences include Zach Greenwald, Ben Bruno, Eric Cressey, Chad Wesley Smith, Ido Portal, Max El-Hag and many others. On top of these, I keep a keen eye on the relevant literature and it has a huge impact on the sessions I prescribe.

Programme’s Story

The pandemic led me to put emphasis on building Programme as gyms were closed and personal training was moved to zoom or put on hold. I was writing programmes for clients, friends and family and had created a systematic approach to programming for my clients. Turning this systematic approach into an application has been a phenomenal experience and I’m excited as the product continues to evolve.

Favourite Exercise

Deadlifts, Running

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Sean Klein


Programme is a workout app that plans every workout for you

Programme learns from your past workouts, training experience and available equipment to create your optimal workout plan that adapts to your progress.