Build Foundational Strength.
Without The Planning.

By learning from your training experience, past workouts and available equipment, Programme builds your most optimal workout plan that adapts to your progress.


Introducing Programme

A System For Your Well-Being

Programme is rooted in respect for the body and takes a holistic view on human health. We believe movement is a fundamental part of life, that's too often neglected and focused on how our bodies look rather than how they feel and perform. Programme exists to reframe movement and to provide the tools that help you create habits that respect the body and achieve life-long results.

We're starting with personalised workout plans designed to develop strength and enhance your well-being. By examining the role we've played as personal trainers we've developed an algorithm that learns from your past sessions, available equipment and changing lifestyle. Programme creates each session from the ground up, by selecting specific exercises, weights, reps, session structures and progressions, based on an understanding of your body's needs. This allows Programme to reach a new level of granularity and personalisation not seen in the fitness market until now. And we're excited to announce that it's available now on iOS.

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Oliver Thomas Klein & Sean Klein
Programme Founders