The Best Core Rotation Exercises To Add To Your Next Workout

Some of the most effective core exercises that you can use to improve athletic performance and general health are in the movement category of rotation, yet they are often the least well known style of exercises. They will have little impact on your abdominals and aesthetics, but that doesn't mean they are not a crucial part of building a well rounds and strong core to use in sports and day top day life.

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  • Benefits Of Core Rotation Exercises
  • 1. Athletic Performance
  • 2. Organic Movements
  • 3. Trunk Mobility
  • The Best Core Rotation Exercises To Add To Your Next Workout
  • Sample Core Rotation Workout
  • How To Use Core Rotation Exercises
  • 1. Dynamic
  • 2. Slow And Controlled
  • 3. Low Reps With Limited Fatigue

Benefits Of Core Rotation Exercises

1. Athletic Performance

Rotation is an essential movement pattern in so many different athletic endeavours. Training this movement pattern in the weight room can be extremely beneficial for athletes as it has such high carryover to their chosen sport. That being said, although the rotation movement pattern is an excellent way to mimic sport specific movements, making core rotation movements identical to sport specific movement makes little to no sense, this can be seen regularly with gold and tennis strength and conditioning, use strength training to increase the functional base of the athlete and sport specific training to improve the specific skills. No weighted golf swings.

2. Organic Movements

Most movements that we partake in throughout our day to day life require some form of rotation, we rarely move in the strict positions that we try and use in the gym. This makes rotation movements important for the general population as well as athletes. Being able to be strong in whatever position you find yourself in will always be beneficial to health and longevity. You don’t want to get stuck in a strict upright position.

3. Trunk Mobility

Lack of movement through this rotation movement pattern can result in a lacking trunk mobility, something which is far from ideal for athletes and the general populations. Using this movement pattern on a regular basis will allow people to not only maintain their movement capabilities but increase them.

The Best Core Rotation Exercises To Add To Your Next Workout

Sample Core Rotation Workout

Complete 3 rounds

1. Half Kneeling Banded Chop

Complete 6 repetitions

2. Landmine Anti-Rotation

Complete 6 repetitions

How To Use Core Rotation Exercises

1. Dynamic

Some of these movements need to be fast and executed dynamically in order to obtain the desired adaptation. Take the standing twist for example, this is a fast and dynamic movement and needs to be performed as such.

2. Slow And Controlled

However other movements need to be slow and controlled and performed with precision. An example of this is the half kneeling KB windmill. This exercise is excellent as both strengthening the trunk and increasing its working range.

3. Low Reps With Limited Fatigue

Most of these exercises shouldn't cause to much fatigue to build up, they will not cause a burn in a specific muscle group, this is normal and doesn't mean that they are not having the desired effect. Thee is often a miscomprehension about why an exercise is effective, just because it doesn't create a burning session in a specific muscles doesn’t mean that it’s not effective.

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