The 6 Basic Dumbbell Exercises For A Simple Session

Using basic and simple exercises can be a great practice when life gets busy or complex and you just want to move through exercises with ease and flow. These exercises will be great in a quick 30 minute workout.

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In This Resource
  • Benefits Of Basic Exercises
  • Low Start Up Cost
  • Increasing Load
  • 6 Basic Dumbbell Exercises to Add To Your Training Regime
  • Sample Basic Dumbbell Workout

Benefits Of Basic Exercises

Low Start Up Cost

  • Basic exercises often require less motivation as they don’t have such a high start up cost. When doing complex exercises, they need a lot more concentration and this can make it harder to jump into your training session.
  • Increasing Load

  • When an exercise lacks complexity, it allows weight to be added more easily because of the lack of technical component of the movement.
  • 6 Basic Dumbbell Exercises to Add To Your Training Regime

    The DB Bench Press is on of the simplest horizontal pressing variations available in our movement library, meaning that if you’re designing a basic and approachable training session including the upper body this could be an excellent addition.

    The DB Bent over row is another example of a basic dumbbell upper body variation that you can use in your training. This exercise does require some hinge technique, which can be complex to learn, but once you’ve mastered the hinge movement pattern, this exercise will be very approachable.

    The DB Deadlift is a very simple db exercise that moves through the hinge pattern discussed above. This exercise will target primarily your posterior chain, helping you grow your glutes, hamstrings and strengthen your lower back. As stated above, this exercise is only basic if you’ve mastered the hinge movement pattern.

    The DB Floor press is even more basic that the db bench press, making it a very approachable horizontal press exercise. I love using this exercise with my beginner clients in rotation with the db bench press to build the initial building blocks of the pectoral muscles.

    The goblet reverse lunge is a brilliant example of a simple and basic dumbbell lower body exercise that you can easily add to a home workout or hotel workout. It is very effective at building muscle and balance in the lower body.

    Finally, the DB straight leg deadlift is similar to the db deadlift with subtle differences that allow you to target the hamstrings and lower back. It is important with this exercise to keep the hips high after the initial bend in the knees and the hips.

    Sample Basic Dumbbell Workout

    Complete 3 rounds

    1. DB Deadlift

    Complete 8 repetitions

    2. DB Bench Press

    Complete 12 repetitions

    3. DB Bent Over Row

    Complete 12 repetitions

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