The Most Athletic Core Exercises Variations (plus abs workout)

Whether you are a casual athlete or an Olympic gold medalist, building a strong core is never a bad strategy to use. So let's break down some of the best core and abs exercises for athletes plus a workout you can try today.

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  • Benefits Of Core Exercises For Athletes
  • 1. Improved Performance
  • 2. Injury Mitigation
  • 3. Improved Performance In The Weight Room
  • The Most Athletic Core Exercise Variations
  • Sample Ab Training For Athletes
  • More Core Exercises

Athleticism can be hard to define, in order to create this list we think it means your body should be able to deal with a variety of different positions. Thats why we have created a diverse list of core exercises that will challenge you in different ways. Have a look at some of these fun and challenging core variations that you can use to increase and improve athleticism.

Benefits Of Core Exercises For Athletes

1. Improved Performance

The benefits of good strength and conditioning protocols within elite sports have been known for decades now. Developing a strong and robust core musculature is a large part of these strength and conditioning protocols as they can be instrumental in improving athletic performance. Different sports require different types of stimulus, but all can benefit from having a well rounded base.

2. Injury Mitigation

When the full core musculature is taken into consideration and trained appropriately, it can have a huge impact on mitigating injury, especially for contact sports athletes. These sports require vast amounts of impact, making joint stability in the hips, having a musculature lower back and a core that can deal with a wide variety of compromised positions very important for an athletes developments.

3. Improved Performance In The Weight Room

A virtuous cycle of improving the core musculature in the weight room can improve all other aspects of weight room performance. Front squatting strength to pressing strength, the core is involved in all aspects of the weight room. This in turn helps increase on field performance even more.

The Most Athletic Core Exercise Variations

Sample Ab Training For Athletes

Complete 3 rounds

1. Lizard Crawl

Move for 10 meters

2. Landmine Full Contact Twist

Complete 6 repetitions

3. L Hang

Hold for 20 seconds

More Core Exercises

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