The 12 Intermediate Core Exercises You Need to Build Your Next Abs Workout

So you tried a beginner core workout and it did nothing for you abdominal muscles. Well if your looking to improve your core strength and fitness with core exercise check out these 12 intermediate core exercises.

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  • Benefits Of Intermediate Core Exercises
  • 1. Correct Stimulus
  • 2. Sustainable
  • Sample Intermediate Core Workout
  • How To Use Intermediate Abs Exercises
  • 1. Use Progressive Overload On Core Muscles
  • 2. Use A Variety Of Methods For Core Strength
  • 3. Use Beginner Core Exercises
  • 4. Test Advanced Core Exercises

Stuck in the middle, not a beginner, but not yet advanced. It can be tough to bridge the gap between the two especially when looking for information on the internet. The good news is, most core exercises are intermediate appropriate, meaning you still have a lot of variety to pick from. Here we have 12 exercises you can use to bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate.

Benefits Of Intermediate Core Exercises

1. Correct Stimulus

If an exercises is too easy, it can’t create enough stimulus to create the desired adaptation, meaning you’ll never see the results you’re looking for. However, if an exercise is too hard it’s unlikely you’ll be able to perform the technique correctly or perform enough repetitions to create the stimulus, meaning again you won’t create the desired adaptations. That’s why doing exercises for your level is so important. Take this into consideration when you are performing your exercise selection.

2. Sustainable

Another huge benefit of doing exercise at the correct level of difficulty is their sustainability. When exercises are too hard, they often create a lot of fatigue or discomfort, this in-turn makes them unsustainable. Whilst if they are too easy and don’t feel as if they are doing anything then it can be disheartening and un-motivating, making them unsustainable also.

Sample Intermediate Core Workout

Complete 3 rounds

1. Half Kneeling Banded Chop

Complete 6 repetitions

2. Half Kneeling Plate Halo

Complete 8 repetitions

3. Deadbug Hold with Legs Lowered

Hold for 30 seconds

How To Use Intermediate Abs Exercises

1. Use Progressive Overload On Core Muscles

The principle of progressive overload will be a crucial tool for you to move from an intermediate to an advanced trainee. Progressive overload is simple enough, it involves progressively making an exercises more difficult, this can be through increasing the weight, repetitions or length of the static hold. It often involves using the same exercise for a few weeks in a row, making it progressively harder each week.

2. Use A Variety Of Methods For Core Strength

This involves using a variety of different movement patterns and pieces of equipment, technically this isn’t important for the creation of an actual stimulus, but when striving for adherence to a training regime, changing the methods and having a lot of variety in your core work can really help improve that consistency.

3. Use Beginner Core Exercises

These exercises will still be beneficial, just because an exercise can be used for beginners doesn’t mean it cannot be used to create an advanced level stimulus.

4. Test Advanced Core Exercises

Once you feel you have made good progress on the intermediate core exercises, add in some more advanced exercises and see if they feel appropriate.

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