20 Upper Body Kettlebell Exercises for Muscle Growth and Strength Workouts

Kettlebell exercises can be used to effectivly train the upper body. Kettlebell upper body exercises can be used for both strength and hypertrophy training to create an upper body kettlebell workout.

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  • 20 Kettlebell Upper Body Exercises for Muscle Growth and Strength
  • Benefits of Kettlebells Training
  • Training Recommendations
  • 1. Exercise Selection
  • 2. Focus On Quality Of Movement
  • 3. Have A Plan
  • Sample Upper Body Kettlebell Workout
  • Warm Up
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

You really don’t need that much equipment to build a strong and powerful upper-body. The kettlebell is a perfect example of a tool that on its own can help you achieve this goal. With a few kettlebell you can find endless variety in your training regime, keeping you consistent and strong. Let’s have a look at our 20 kettlebell upper-body exercises for muscle growth and strength.

20 Kettlebell Upper Body Exercises for Muscle Growth and Strength

Benefits of Kettlebells Training

The main benefits of the kettlebell is its versatility, it can be used for such a high variety of exercises that it really does adapt to any strength and conditioning goal. Here we see how it can be used to develop strength and muscular size, but it’s also very good if trying to improve cardiovascular capabilities. Not only is it versatile, but its also accessible, if you have limited funds or just don’t want to join a gym they are the perfect tool for any goal.

Training Recommendations

1. Exercise Selection

When starting a kettlebell training session make sure that you chose exercises that are appropriate to your level. This can be hard to judge sometime if you’re a beginner, if you find yourself unable to do a movement without good technique maybe consider using a simpler exercise.

2. Focus On Quality Of Movement

One really important piece of advice for anyone looking to get into kettlebell training is to focus on the quality of movement patterns prior to putting emphasis on how much you are lifting. You need to learn the fundamental skills of moving a kettlebell before lifting heavy. Sometimes this is best done with a coach as it can drastically speed up this process.

3. Have A Plan

Finally you need to have a plan. Without a training plan its really unlikely that you’ll be able to establish a long term training routine due to mundanity and repetition. Also with a well structured plan you’ll be able to see faster rates of progression.

Sample Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Warm Up

2-3 Rounds

  • T-Press Up
  • Floor Facing Angels
  • Side Plank
  • Step 1

    A1) KB Floor Press

    A2) Alternating Gorilla Row

    Step 2

    B1) Half Kneeling KB Press

    B2) Diamond KB Push Ups

    Step 3

    C1) Single Arm KB High Pull

    C2) Tall Kneeling KB Horn Tricep Extensions

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