Try These 8 Core Exercises That Don’t Strain The Neck

Ab exercises and neck strain do not typically go well together. Creating an ab workout that doesn’t make the neck pain worse is a challenge, but can be done. Try out the workout below and see how the neck feels. Remember to consult a doctor or physiotherapist prior to training with any sort of pain.

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  • How Can I Strengthen My Core Without Straining My Neck?
  • Can You Strain Your Neck From Ab Workouts?

Finding core exercises you can do that don’t involve a lot of stimulation from the neck can be difficult. Remember if you have an injury and any exercise is causing you pain, stop. Also please consult a doctor prior to taking on any form of physical activity when you think you have an injury. But if you have a sore neck from doing too many crunches and have a poor quality core then here we provide some excellent solutions to this problem.

Sample Ab Workout With Nack Pain

Complete 3 rounds

1. Single Leg TRX Fall-Outs

Complete 6 repetitions

2. KB Suitcase Hold

Hold for 30 seconds

3. Crab Extensions

Complete 10 repetitions

How Can I Strengthen My Core Without Straining My Neck?

You need to find exercises that don’t create a lot of tension in the neck. This is very difficult as most core exercises require almost the entire body to be tense. It depends on the severity of the pain in your neck also. Here we have tried to provide exercises that don’t need a lot of tension in the neck to be performed with good technique.

Can You Strain Your Neck From Ab Workouts?

Yes. Doing a lot of exercises that put the neck under a lot of pressure, especially if you’re not used to them, can cause you to strain the neck. Make sure you’re not performing too high a volume of exercises that seem to be causing too much strain in one particular area of the body.

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