Try These 7 TRX Warm Up Exercises in Your Next Warm Up

The TRX is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available on the market and gives you access to a wide variety of exercises, including some of the most effective warms ups for the upper body. If you're warming up at home for your training session, the TRX will be a perfect piece of equipment to improve your actual session and your warm-up for your session.

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  • 7 TRX Warm-Up Exercises to Try in Your Next Workout
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Benefits of TRX Warm-Up Exercises

Shoulder Warm Ups

The TRX is one of the best tools available for warming up the muscles that surround the shoulder blade. There are two exercises in this list that are excellent at warming up for both pressing work and pulling work. The TRX can be used to warm up the shoulders even if it is not within the session because it has some very specific and effective exercises that other pieces of equipment are not as effective as the TRX or rings.

Beginner Lower Body Warm Ups

The TRX has some brilliant variations for beginners to use to warm up the lower body. Beginners, especially those who are overweight or have reduced mobility, can benefit a great deal from using the TRX lower body warm-ups in this list. The TRX allows you to put some of your body weight into the TRX, helping you both reduce load and use the upper body muscles to perform the movement. Have a look through our lower body warm up library for more ideas.

Core Warm Ups

Warming up the abdominal muscles can massively help prepare the body to perform a training session. The core musculature is involved in a huge variety of exercises so it needs to be prepared to perform difficult work. Using core exercises in the warm-up can also help increase body temperature, helping prepare the body for exercise. Have a look through our warm up library to get more warm-ups that you may find beneficial.

7 TRX Warm-Up Exercises to Try in Your Next Workout

The TRX T Raise is a challenging warm up exercises that is really only for intermediate to advanced individuals, it requires a great deal of strength in the upper body that most beginners simply will not have developed yet. This exercises needs to be done slowly, with control whilst maintaining a tight core throughout. The eccentric part of this exercise will be very important to warm up the shoulders thoroughly, if this part is rushed and you find yourself crashing back to the starting position then you either need to slow down or change the exercise to something which is more manageable.

The TRX Y Raise is slightly easier than the TRX T raise, it requires less upper body strength but is still too challenging for a beginner to attempt in their warm up. The TRX Y raise is perfect for those looking to warm up their upper body for horizontal pulling and vertical pulling exercises.

The Squat with TRX Support is a great way for beginners who are just starting to get to grips with resistance training and the squatting movement pattern, to warm up for a heavier squat variation. This warm up is great because it allows people with reduced mobility to “feel out” the squatting movement pattern, which a goblet squat might not. People who are overweight and lack strength in their lower body may also find this exercise valuable as it provides them with support from their upper body.

The TRX Lateral Lunge is a great exercise for beginners and intermediate individuals to ease into slightly more challenging hip positions than jumping straight into the lateral lunge without any support. The TRX lateral lunge may also allow you to add a pause or a tempo onto these challenging positions for the hips that is only possible due to the support from the TRX.

The TRX Row is a more classic warm up exercise that is seen more regularly, it can be performed from beginners too advanced. It depends on the level of the beginner, as some beginners can really struggle to lift their own bodyweight while others will find the TRX very comfortable and easy to put in a warm up. On the other end of the ability spectrum, very advanced individuals may find this too easy and need to add a pause or tempo to the exercise to make it an effective warm up.

The TRX forward lean is a perfect way to warm up both the core muscles and the upper body pressing muscles with one exercise. Ideal for more beginner to intermediate individuals who want to warm up the muscles in the anterior core and pectoral muscles. This could be perfect to warm up for TRX press ups.

TRX Mountain Climbers are a great way for more advanced individuals to warm up their core musculature. Personally I like performing a challenging core exercise in the warm up as it helps me feel more mentally prepared for a difficult session. This shouldn’t however be used by people who find this exercise more than a six out of ten difficulty, there is a fine line between a warm up and a training session that you should try not to cross. The warm up should never be intimidating, it is a great bridge between rest and challenge.

Sample TRX Warm Up

Complete 3 rounds

1. TRX Row

Complete 6 repetitions

2. TRX T Raises

Complete 5 repetitions

3. TRX Lateral Lunge

Complete 6 repetitions

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