The 7 Core Exercises For Sprinters Training

Sprinters need to have a lot of core strength to get the most out of their runs. For a sprinter developing a well rounded core will be beneficial to some extent to improve performance and also helping mitigating injury. Not to much emphasis needs to be put on core strength for spinters, but some training volume will be helpful in developing a well rounded body, time in the off season might be when a sprinter wants to focus on developing core strength.

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The 7 Core Exercises For Sprinters Training

Benefits Of Core Exercises For Sprinters

Sprinters, who only run short distances in a race, require a strong core for optimal performance. Benefits of core exercises for sprinters include improved running form and efficiency. Your core includes your lower back, upper back, pelvis, hips and abdominal muscles. These muscles are essential for maintaining good posture during sprinting. Not only is stability required, but dynamic core strength , building both will be beneficial for sprinters.

Sprint Form

Your core is directly involved in proper running mechanics when you sprint. If your pelvis is positioned incorrectly or your abdominals are weak, you may have difficulty achieving the correct spinal extension needed to keep your torso upright while running. Good form requires that you can extend your spine upwards while keeping your pelvis relatively even. Weakness in this region may cause you to compensate by leaning forward with your upper body to help maintain stability while running. Strengthening the core muscles used in sprinting will allow you to maintain proper form even at higher speeds.

Running Efficiency

The more efficient you are as a runner, the faster you will be able to run without getting tired quickly. Weakness in the core region of your body will make it difficult for you to properly engage the other muscles used for sprinting, which could result in poor biomechanics.

Sample Sprinter Core Workout

Complete 3 rounds

1. Advanced TRX Serratus Slide with Bear Crawl

Complete 6 repetitions

2. Bent Leg Copenhagen Plank

Hold for 20 seconds

3. Hanging L-Sit Hold

Hold for 20 seconds

More Exercises For Sprinters

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