The 5 TRX Exercises for Golfers

It is getting more and more important for golfers to maintain and improve their physical attributes, with Rory and Tiger pathing the way, many others have followed in their foot steps. When the pro’s are doing it, it’s usually because it’s effective. Not only does it improve physical attributes that are important for golf but also allows for better sleep and even better concentration.

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In This Resource
  • Benefits of TRX Exercises for Golfers
  • Core Stability
  • Full Body Strength
  • The 5 TRX Exercises for Golfers
  • Sample TRX Workout For Golfers

Benefits of TRX Exercises for Golfers

Core Stability

The TRX offers a huge variety of training options for the core musculature. We have only included 2 in our list but there is an extensive amount of exercises that you can use. This is very important for golfers as core strength is so specific for the sport. The transfer of power from the lower body to the arms and into the ball all comes from the core, making it a critical part of being successful in the sport.

Full Body Strength

The TRX can also be used to increase the strength of the entire body, for any level. Making it great for golfers who are looking to get in better shape for their sport or just for life. The TRX has over 50 exercises in total and can easily be used to make full body resistance training sessions that will allow any individual improve their full body strength.

The 5 TRX Exercises for Golfers

The TRX Archer Ring Row is one of the most effective horizontal pulling exercises that golfers can use to improve both their upper back strength and core stability, important components of being a successful golfer. The uni-lateral aspect of this exercise means that it enhances the adaptation on the core musculature that a bilateral exercise wouldn’t.

TRX Fall-Outs is an excellent TRX core variation that golfers can use to work their anterior core musculature and even shoulder stability, both important physiological elements that are important for success in golf.

The TRX Hamstring Pull In is a great way for golfers to work their lower bodies at home or in the gym with a TRX. This exercise is very demanding on the hamstrings and will pose a potent stimulus that will be very effective at strengthening the hamstrings. It should be executed with control and stability, especially as the legs become more and more straight, this will put a lot of pressure on the hamstrings so be careful to not rush into this position as it can cause an injury.

The TRX Pike is a great way for a golfer to develop their core musculature, especially their anterior core muscles. The TRX pike needs to be performed with control and stability, if it is rushed you will miss out on a lot of the adaptations. This exercise is relatively advanced so if your new to resistance training you may want to try an easy variation like a TRX plank or a floor tuck to pike press .

The TRX Press Up (feet in TRX) is a great way to make a traditional press up more challenging. It is for more advanced golfers who already have some experience with resistance training. The TRX will add a lot of instability to the movement and require much more work from the muscles of the core. If you’re not at this level yet, maybe give the Eccentric press (high) a go to build a base of horizontal pressing strength.

Sample TRX Workout For Golfers

Complete 3 rounds

1. TRX Hamstring Pull In

Complete 5 repetitions

2. TRX Press Ups (feet in TRX)

Complete 8 repetitions

3. TRX Pike

Complete 8 repetitions

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This resource was written by Sean Klein. Sean Richard Klein has thousands of hours of coaching experience and a BSc in Sports Science with Management from Loughborough University. He owns a gym in Bayonne France, CrossFit Essor, which runs group classes and a Personal training studio.

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