The 5 Best Ski Core Exercises For Skiing Recreationally (plus core workout)

Core strength is the key to balance, control and power while skiing. Exercises required for a strong core are similar to those used in weight training, but with modifications to fit your needs as a skier. Core strength training benefits everyone, but is critical for injury prevention and sports performance. Let’s have a look at these 5 core exercises you can use to improve your skiing while mitigating injury.

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  • Benefits Of Core Workouts If You Ski
  • The 5 Best Ski Core Exercises For Recreational Skiers and Athletes
  • Sample Core Workout For Skiers
  • More Exercises For Skiing

If you’re about to go on your next ski trip as a recreational skier, or you’r hoping to improve your physicality to enhance your ski performance, having a well rounded core can be beneficial. Skiing is an intense activity which shouldn’t be taken lightly, you need some form of physical performance to be able to be confident on the slopes. Training the core should be part of a well rounded plan to prepare your body for your next ski trip. Have a look at the 5 core exercises skiers can use in their full body strength training.

Benefits Of Core Workouts If You Ski

There are many benefits to working on your core, especially if you're a skier. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved balance and stability
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved posture and core strength
  • The 5 Best Ski Core Exercises For Recreational Skiers and Athletes

    Sample Core Workout For Skiers

    Complete 3 rounds

    1. Glute Bridge Kettlebell Pullover

    Complete 7 repetitions

    2. Half Kneeling Banded Diagonal Chop

    Complete 6 repetitions

    3. Side Plank Kneeling Leg Raise

    Complete 8 repetitions

    More Exercises For Skiing

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