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I will be honest with you, most of our articles are written to inform our readers and draw attention to our product, Programme. I never discuss the application in my articles as the goal is to provide the highest quality information possible and if the app interests the reader after being informed, then they can give it a try. However in this article, I am going to answer runners direct questions for a strength training app through presenting what strength training runners need and how they can use Programme to implement it.

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In This Resource
  • What Strength Training Do Runners Need?
  • Unilateral Squatting
  • Hamstring Strength (Hinging)
  • Glute Strength (Hip Dominant Exercises)
  • Adductors Strength + Stability
  • Foot + Ankle Stability
  • Power Development
  • How Can Runners Successfully Implement Strength Training
  • Why Runners Should Consider Using Programme
  • How to Use The Programme App As A Runner
  • Frequency
  • Duration
  • Shuffle Your Cycle When Needs Be
  • Do the Work, Get Stronger, Get Faster

What Strength Training Do Runners Need?

Runners needs are much like that of those of the general population, they need to squat, hinge push, pull and build a robust core. That being said they also need to build some specific qualities that general population individuals may not need to pay as much attention to, these include:

Unilateral Squatting

Squatting is important for runners in general as developing leg strength will be important for improving running economy. Unilateral or single leg squatting is particularly important because of the running motion, striding from one leg to the other using a single leg to propel your self forward. There is a lot of debate about how strong a runners needs to be, that being said I highly doubt the majority of people reading this are close to reaching this limit. The means developing unilateral squatting strength will be beneficial to your running economy.

Hamstring Strength (Hinging)

Another key muscle in running is the hamstring, so using the hinge range of motion to develop the hamstrings muscles will also improve running economy through increasing ground reaction force. The hamstring is the muscle that propels us forward (obviously working in unison with the entire body) so therefore developing it is one of the most important aspects of a runners training programme.

Glute Strength (Hip Dominant Exercises)

The glute is another muscle that can be developed using a variety of movement patterns, predominantly hip dominant exercises, but also very effective are hinging and squatting exercises. The glute is crucial for developing speed, making it important to develop in the weight room in order to maximise every part of your physiology.

Adductors Strength + Stability

The adductors are a very small muscle but the have to be able to deal with a great deal of volume when it comes to running. They need to be both strong and stable in order to deal with this volume. Strengthening the adductors can be done through many different exercises all of which can be effective when it comes to mitigating injury.

Foot + Ankle Stability

The foot and ankle are obvious weak points when it comes to high volume running. This is why strengthening them specifically can be a great idea. This is as important for beginners as it is for advanced individuals, and especially important for those who are rehabilitating from an injury.

Power Development

Working on speed and power can be very beneficial for runners, the idea is that through increasing peak power in the muscle, we will be able to maintain higher power (generate more speed) with less effort than before. Runners should have some form of power development in their programme, especially in their off season.

How Can Runners Successfully Implement Strength Training

Runners should consider adding strength training into their routine 1-2 times a week based on their season, schedule, energy and other recovery factors. If you’re already struggling to fit your running into your week, start with one session a week and see if you can maintain that. If you are in your off season and looking to build strength, have lots of time and energy, then maybe consider doing two sessions a week.

Why Runners Should Consider Using Programme

Runners should consider using the programme app as it simplifies the entire process. Runners and running coaches often know very little about strength training and their training plans reflect this. Programme is the perfect app for runners looking to add effective strength training into their routine with ease and minimal investment. Programme can provide all the elements above, wrapped into organised sessions and progressed throughout training cycles. Paying a strength and conditioning coach to do this would be 10x more expensive and the rational behind the programme would likely be very similar.

How to Use The Programme App As A Runner


1-2 Sessions a week. Doing three sessions a week will likely be too much if you’re running very often. That being said, if you’re only running once or twice a week, you could add in three resistance training sessions.


This is really a question of your schedule, if you feel like you can only fit in 30 minute sessions then that is the best pick, but if you have time the 45’-60’ sessions will generate a lot more training volume and therefore create a much higher stimulus and generate more results.

Shuffle Your Cycle When Needs Be

When the application initially provides you with your training cycle, have a look through for the elements that runners need. Obviously there will not be all of them, but should be enough for you to feel that the programme is effective. If you need to regenerate the cycle (click the arrow pointing down on the top right on the home page) then do so until you feel like you have a training cycle that suits your needs.

Do the Work, Get Stronger, Get Faster

Programme allows you to out source your decision making when it comes to getting stronger. You will however need to show up and do the work, which is the hard part. If you can consistently strength train for 6 months with the programme app you will see a large difference, so focus on consistent output, as a runner, you know that it is the most important element of success.

Any questions? I love running and strength training and will be very willing to answer any queries you have on the topics, so feel free to reach out at

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This resource was written by Sean Klein. Sean Richard Klein has thousands of hours of coaching experience and a BSc in Sports Science with Management from Loughborough University. He owns a gym in Bayonne France, CrossFit Essor, which runs group classes and a Personal training studio.

Sean Klein


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