6 Advanced Kettlebell Exercises To Push Your Kettlebell Workouts To The Next Level

These advanced kettlebells exercerse will be just the exercises you need to increase the difficuluty of your current workouts. You’ll easily be able to create a large variety of advanced kettlebell workouts with these variations.

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  • Add Kettlebells Into Your Workout Programme
  • 6 Advanced Kettlebell Variations
  • Sample Advanced Exercise Kettlebell Workout
  • Benefits Of Advanced Kettlebell Exercises
  • Learn New Skills And Movement
  • Create A Large Stimulus For Results
  • Common Questions
  • Whats The Hardest Kettlebell Exercise?
  • Can You Build Muscle With Just a Kettlebell Program?

Basic kettlebells exercises are great if you want to just get through your training, but advanced kettlebell variations will really help you bring your training to the next level. Here were going to walk through 6 excellent kettlebell variations you can use today in your training.

Add Kettlebells Into Your Workout Programme

6 Advanced Kettlebell Variations

These exercises should only be used by people who feel confident moving a kettlebell on more basic exercises like the deadlift, floor press and swing. Please don’t use the exercises above if you’r just getting into kettlebell training.

Each exercise is used to create a specific stimulus to a specific movement pattern, so how you use each exercise will vary greatly between each movement.

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Anterior Core

This is excellent variation that really challanges the anterior core especially on the decent. Make sure you don’t let yourself fall the the floor, control the movement through the entire range of motion.

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Resisting Rotation

Probably one of the most challenging exercises you can find for shoulder stability and resisting rotation. These should only be performed if other straight arm side planks are very achievable. Pay attention when finding the position as it requires a great deal of precision.

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Upper Body
Horizontal Press

This exercise is a tough one to perform as it requires a large amount of core strength. It’s not very effective at creating adaptation in the horizontal press as the limiting factor is so clearly the core strength, so use this as a secondary/tertiary in your training week for horizontal pull and not a primary. Find the deadbug position initially and straighten the legs keeping the lower back pressed into the floor the entire time.

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Lower Body

This is a very advanced hinge variation. The B-Stance can be a little tricky so make sure your cognisant of what your doing with the leg that isn’t doing the work, It should only be acting as a guide and just helping with balance rather than being used to lift the weight. Only trainees with a well developed hinge pattern should attempt to use this variation.

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An excellent movement for strengthening the full body whilst also forcing people into more challenging ranges of motion. Start very light here and get the movement down before adding weight. This requires a lot of mobility and control throughout the trunk so take your time learning it.

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Upper Body
Shoulder Stability

Not a very technical exercise, but requires a lot of control and knowledge of training to approach it. If a beginner attempts this they may attempt to move fast or with a lack of control, which might be dangerous for the shoulder joint. Moving the shoulder through its range of motion will be great for stability and injury mitigation.

Sample Advanced Exercise Kettlebell Workout

A1) KB Floor Press in Hollow Hold

A2) Kettlebell Windmill

B1) KB B-Stance Straight Leg Deadlift

B2) KB Straight Arm Side Plank

C1) KB Screw Drivers

C2) Single Arm Turkish Sit Up

Benefits Of Advanced Kettlebell Exercises

Learn New Skills And Movement

Advanced exercises are great tools when used appropriately. They require a great deal of focus, this can make training really fun and challenging especially if you feel like your learning new things after doing the same routine for a while.

Not only do advanced kettlebell variations keep things fun and interesting but they also require skill acquisition, meaning it might take you some time to “crack” the movement, these advanced skills will apply to other areas of training and general movement throughout life.

Create A Large Stimulus For Results

Once the skills are ingrained and load can be added, these advanced exercises are amazing at creating a potent amount of stimulus, meaning you will create adaptations accordingly.

Common Questions

Whats The Hardest Kettlebell Exercise?

There isnt one. But maybe a high rep double kettlebell snatch.

Can You Build Muscle With Just a Kettlebell Program?

Yes, buts it’s by no means the most efficient way to go about achevining that goal.

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This resource was written by Sean Klein. Sean Richard Klein has thousands of hours of coaching experience and a BSc in Sports Science with Management from Loughborough University. He owns a gym in Bayonne France, CrossFit Essor, which runs group classes and a Personal training studio.

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