3 TRX Advanced Chest Exercises

Finding advanced exercises for the TRX can be a challenge, especially enough exercises to create a fun and varied training programme. That’s why we’re providing these four very challenging chest variations that you can add to your training programme. Be sure to give them a try in your next session!

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In This Resource
  • Benefits of Advanced Chest Exercises
  • Negative of Developing Horizontal Pressing Strength
  • The 3 TRX Advanced Chest Exercises to Add to Your Home Workouts

Benefits of Advanced Chest Exercises

Creating a stimulus for strength can be very challenging at home with limited equipment. The key benefit to these advanced exercises is they impose enough stress on the body to create the adaptation of strength, which many easier exercises might not for someone who is an advanced trainee.

Negative of Developing Horizontal Pressing Strength

As we can see from this list of exercises, the TRX has very few chest variations. This doesn’t take away from the effectiveness of the exercises, it just means that training may get a little boring. The TRX is much more effective for training the horizontal pull and core .

The 3 TRX Advanced Chest Exercises to Add to Your Home Workouts

The TRX Archer Press Up is an excellent advanced chest exercise that will allow you to increase the strength of the pectoral muscles. It is challenging enough without the added instability of the TRX, so you will need to be comfortable with the bodyweight version of this exercise before using the TRX version. This can be made extremely challenging by using the supporting arm as minimally as possible.

The TRX Pike to Press Up is a great exercise that challenges both the chest and the anterior core musculature. It requires a decent amount of shoulder stability and mobility to perform the pike correctly, so make sure that you’re comfortable performing a pike outside of the TRX as this exercise will create a lot of instability.

The TRX Feet Elevated Press Up is a very challenging chest exercise that can be done with the TRX, this exercise will be sure to create strength adaptions in the muscles of the chest using just your bodyweight. Ensure you’re using the full range of motion here and are not dropping the hips and losing core positioning when the repetitions get challenging.

The TRX Feet Elevated Archer Press Up is a very very advanced exercise that should only be attempted once you have run multiple weeks of training on the previous exercises and have become very comfortable with them. This exercise will be sure to pose a challenge even to those who are advanced trainees.

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