Try These 5 CrossFit Assault Bike Workouts

CrossFit workouts with the assault bike can be a great way to get in a short sharp workout, especially if you are traveling and are just looking for a way to get a bit of a sweat on and then get back on with your day. These workouts are written for Crossfiters who know have to perform all the movement patterns within CrossFit with proficiency. Enjoy!

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  • Try These 5 CrossFit Assault Bike Workouts
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  • Who Are These Workouts For?

What Is CrossFit?

Crossfit is a fitness regime that takes weightlifting, gymnastics movements and cardiovascular movements and mixes them together and performs them at a high intensity.

What Is The Difference Between CrossFit and HIIT

Crossfit can use a huge variety of exercises, from ring muscle ups to rope climbs to heavy snatches. This means that a great deal of Crossfit workouts are not actually high intensity interval training sessions as they require an individual to lift heavy weights and or their bodyweight. Whereas HIIT is often done with one machine based exercise such as an assault bike or stationary bike, meaning they only target the cardiovascular system.

Mixed Model HIIT

This is where using mixed model HIIT can be a great middle ground between traditional HIIT and all out, sometimes complex CrossFit. Mixed model HIIT includes using a variety of different exercises in order to reach a very high intensity and therefore train the cardiovascular system. All these workouts below are examples of mixed model HIIT that you can use in order to improve your cardiovascular system. For me, these style of simple workouts are CrossFit at its best.

Try These 5 CrossFit Assault Bike Workouts

Workout 1

Death By Assault Bike (2 calories)

Perform 2 calories on the first minute

Perform 4 calories on the second minute

Perform 6 calories on the third minute

Continue like this until you cannot perform the required number of calories

Workout 2

10 Rounds For Time

10 Calories Assault Bike

10 Burpees

Workout 3

5 Rounds for Time

15 Calories Assault Bike

10 Deadlifts @bodyweight

Workout 4


12 Calories Assault Bike

12 Wall Balls

Workout 5

5 Rounds

10 Assault Bike Calories

10 DB Thrusters

Who Are These Workouts For?

These are written for people who practice Crossfit and know how to execute all the movements well. These workouts are all perfect to do when you are traveling and want to get in a quick spicy workout. These sorts of extremely high intensity workouts should not be done by individuals without a coach unless you know how to do the movements with high levels of efficiency.

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This resource was written by Sean Klein. Sean Richard Klein has thousands of hours of coaching experience and a BSc in Sports Science with Management from Loughborough University. He owns a gym in Bayonne France, CrossFit Essor, which runs group classes and a Personal training studio.

Sean Klein


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