Try These 3 Low Skill, Basic TRX Exercise To Get Started

Basic exercises with a TRX or other pieces of equipment are an excellent gateway for beginners to use to get started in their resistance training journey. A lot of content in the fitness industry puts emphasis on very challenging exercises that a lot of people are unable to perform, hence why we are providing these basic exercises that you can add to your resistance training programme.

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In This Resource
  • Benefits of Basic TRX Exercises
  • Easy Skill Acquisition
  • Low Friction
  • Beginner Focused
  • Try These 3 Low Skill, Basic TRX Exercise To Get Started
  • Sample Basic TRX Exercises

Benefits of Basic TRX Exercises

Easy Skill Acquisition

Basic exercises, are basic because they require low levels of skill which in turn means that they can be learnt rapidly and easily. This is a great way for beginners to start resistance training, as it puts emphasis on physical challenging while not over complicating things. For beginners, a mix of technical work so you can lay the ground work of great technique across all movement patterns, and more basic exercises like these is a perfect way to see steady progression technically and physically.

Low Friction

Low skill exercises are very low friction, before starting a training session that is both simple and effective there is little friction or mental resistance. Doing complex exercises that are hard to grasp can create a lot of resistance, making them hard to start. Of course having challenging technical movements needs t be part of a well rounded training programme, but that doesn’t take away from the benefit of having low friction, low skill basic exercises in your training plan.

Beginner Focused

Basic exercises can be extremely physically challenging, but for this article I kept these exercises focused on beginners as the likelihood is that that is what the search intent was. These exercises would be a great place for a lot of beginners to start with their TRX.

Try These 3 Low Skill, Basic TRX Exercise To Get Started

The TRX Row Eccentric is one of the most basic exercises available in our exercise library. It can be used by almost any beginner looking to get started with resistance training. I really like this exercise as it can be made much more challenging by slowing down the tempo over time until you are able to attempt the TRX row. For more TRX exercises that work horizontal pull exercises to work the back muscles .

The TRX Glute Bridge Hold is slightly more physically challenging than the TRX Row eccentric, but still very attainable for the majority of beginners. This isometric hold just requires you to find a great starting position, create a lot of tension and stay there without moving. This is often very simple, but very physically demanding, so be ready.

The TRX Top of Press Up Hold is another example of an isometric hold, this time for the upper body. This is another basic exercise which can be used by beginners to start to build some upper body strength in the muscles of the chest. It is really important to have the arms straight at all times, otherwise this exercise will be to challenging to hold for an extended period of time. It can also be considered as a core exercise for those who are just starting resistance training.

Sample Basic TRX Exercises

Complete 3 rounds

1. TRX Row Eccentric

Complete 6 repetitions

2. TRX Glute Bridge Hold

Complete 30 repetitions

3. TRX Top of Press Up Hold

Hold for 45 seconds

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This resource was written by Sean Klein. Sean Richard Klein has thousands of hours of coaching experience and a BSc in Sports Science with Management from Loughborough University. He owns a gym in Bayonne France, CrossFit Essor, which runs group classes and a Personal training studio.

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