The 7 Advanced TRX Exercises to Add To Your At Home Workouts

The TRX is often considered only for those who have little training experience. Although it is true that generally the TRX is for people who are just getting into resistance training, that doesn’t mean more advanced individuals cannot use it to create a powerful stimulus

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Benefits Of Advanced TRX Exercise

Using exercises that are matched to your ability is crucial if you want the training to create any form of stimulus and adaptation. If your consistently using exercises which are to easy for you then your training is likely not producing the results your striving towards. When you are able to find exercises that allow you to push yourself, your body will create the desired adaptation. This is why exercise selection is such a crucial component of programme design. The TRX can be used to overload almost every movement pattern the body can perform, making it a very beneficial travel tool.

The 7 Advanced TRX Exercises to Add To Your At Home Workouts

The TRX Fall-outs with choas is a great advanced core exercise that can be added into the end of your sessions or be done in a stand alone core workout.

The TRX Feet elevated archer press up is a very challenging horizontal press exercise that can be used to develop strength in the pectoral muscles. You by no means need to use a bench to elevate the feet if your training at home, a chair will work just fine. Make sure your are experienced if you’re attempting this exercise, it is very challenging and should only be done by those who are very comfortable with the bodyweight version of the archer press up and also the TRX archer press up.

The TRX Feet Elevated Press Up is a great way to make the traditional press up more challenging, making it very beneficial to advanced individuals. The emphasis should be on stability and control of every portion of this exercise. The TRX provides a lot of instability which makes the exercise very challenging, try and resist that as much as possible by being as controlled as possible.

The TRX Single Arm Plank is a great way to challenge both the muscles of the core and the upper body. It is a very challenging hold and should be mastered on the floor before moving to the TRX. If you’re a very advanced individual then you can even attempt this exercise with the feet elevated.

The TRX Feet elevated row is one of my favourite variations for advanced individuals who are using the TRX to train at home or in the gym. It provides a great stimulus to the muscles of the upper back without requiring any external load.

The TRX Hamstring Pull In is the best way to target the hamstrings using a TRX. If you’re training at home you may find it hard to come up with exercises to target the hamstrings, this exercise should be one of your go to exercises if this is the case.

The TRX Long Lever Plank is one of the most challenging core variations available in the weight room, so make sure you try and incorporate this exercise into your movement routine. I cannot put enough emphasis on maintaining a posterior pelvic tilt throughout this movement, without this the exercise will be void as a core exercise.

The Advanced TRX Serratus Slide with Bear Crawl even has the word advanced in the name! This exercise is a little technical and challenging to set up. Just take your time finding the right placement of the forearms in the TRX. It is an excellent variation for both core development and also shoulder stability.

Sample Advanced TRX Circuit

Complete 3 rounds

1. TRX Feet Elevated Press Up

Complete 8 repetitions

2. TRX Hamstring Pull In

Complete 10 repetitions

3. TRX Long Lever Plank

Hold for 45 seconds

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