The 3 TRX Hinge Exercises to Add to Your Home Workouts

Finding hinge exercises without weights is very, very challenging. To be honest, hinging without load cannot create enough stimulus to produce adaptation for even a lot of beginner trainees, however is can be beneficial for technique development. That’s why none of these exercises are technically hinge movement, they isolate the hamstrings like a hinge might but the movement pattern is not the same. These exercise will create a lot of adaptation in the hamstrings and therefore are extremely effective at home workout exercises.

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  • The 3 TRX Hinge Exercises to Add to Your Home Workouts
  • Sample TRX Lower Body Workout

These TRX hinge/hamstring exercises are so effective as the use bodyweight to create a lot of stimulus on the hamstrings. These sorts of exercises are often used by elite athletes for performance enhancement and injury mitigation. The problem with these exercises is that they can be a little too challenging for some beginners. So be aware of that before using these exercises in your training.

The 3 TRX Hinge Exercises to Add to Your Home Workouts

The TRX Hamstring Pull In is a great TRX hinge / hamstring exercises that can be used to develop the posterior chain. It needs to be performed with a great deal of control and stability, if rushed it can put the hamstrings in a compromising position. This exercise is for intermediate trainees who can comfortable put their bodyweight into their hamstrings for multiple repetitions, do not attempt this is you are a beginner.

The TRX Single Leg Hamstring Pull Up is a very advanced TRX hinge / hamstring exercise that individuals can use to improve their strength in their hamstrings. This exercise should only be performed once you have mastered the trx hamstring pull in and it is not creating enough stimulus to be effective. This will put your bodyweight into a single hamstring so do not attempt this if you are a beginner. Even if you are advanced it will be difficult and should be performed with caution and control.

The TRX Hamstring hold is not shown in this video as this is the glute bridge hold. The TRX hamstring isometric is the same position as shown above just with the legs straightened. Its difficulty can be modulated through the positioning of the feet/legs. If the legs are straight it’s most challenging, the closer the feet get to the hips the easier the exercise gets. If the feet arrive at the position they are in in the video above the exercise will predominately work the glutes, but for beginners this may also challenge the hamstrings.

Sample TRX Lower Body Workout

Complete 3 rounds

1. Reverse Lunge with TRX Support

Complete 10 repetitions

2. TRX Curtsy Lunge

Complete 6 repetitions

3. TRX Hamstring Pull In

Complete 7 repetitions

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