Try This Light Kettlebell Workout To Ease Back Into Your Training Routine

Using light kettlebells as a way to ease back into training or start your strength and conditioning journey can be a very effective strategy to reaching your fitness goals. Here we provide a single light kettlebell circuit that you can try to add into your routine.

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In This Resource
  • Sample Light Kettlebell Workout
  • Benefits of Light Kettlebell Workouts
  • Ease Back Into Routine
  • Energy Levels
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Recovery from Injury
  • More Examples of Light Kettlebell Exercises

Any exercise can be made light by reducing the weight used, but here we try and provide exercises which will be considered light in the sense that the aim is not to accumulate too much fatigue. Try and select weights which you find are light as this will be different for every individual. Remember this is just a one of session, try reading our article on kettlebell exercises for beginners to learn more about using kettlebells to build your fitness routine.

Sample Light Kettlebell Workout

Complete 4 rounds

1. Goblet Squat in Lunge

Complete 6 repetitions

2. Half Kneeling KB Press

Complete 8 repetitions

3. KB Farmers Carry

Move for 20 meters

Benefits of Light Kettlebell Workouts

Ease Back Into Routine

Lets be honest, getting back into training after some time of, or even just a long vacation can be very tough, so starting out with a light kettlebell circuit can be a great way to get back on track and get the ball rolling again without creating too much fatigue. The sample light kettlebell workout above will do just that, make sure you pick weights that are easy for you, if these means performing the movements without weight then thats absolutely fine also.

Energy Levels

Sometime when life is really stressful, getting some light movement in, like the sample workout above, can be a great way to improve energy levels throughout the day. Too often I see people in my gym training to the point where it has the reverse effect and is a stressor in their day, using exercise as a source of energy can be extremely beneficial.

Skill Acquisition

Light exercises are the best way to learn skills, if your constantly focused on generating fatigue while your learning the movement patterns you will fail to acquire the skills correctly and it will take you even longer than it should, prolonging the beginner process.

Recovery from Injury

When you’re coming back from injury, starting with light kettlebell exercises before your jump straight back into the barbell is a great option. A few weeks with just light kettlebell exercises will put much less stress on your body if you keep the load low and focus on movement quality.

More Examples of Light Kettlebell Exercises

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This resource was written by Sean Klein. Sean Richard Klein has thousands of hours of coaching experience and a BSc in Sports Science with Management from Loughborough University. He owns a gym in Bayonne France, CrossFit Essor, which runs group classes and a Personal training studio.

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