The 7 TRX Mobility Exercises to Add To Your Mobility Routine

The TRX is an effective tool for helping you on your way to improving your mobility. Improving mobility is a long process, so you will need to be patient and progress slowly over time, having a TRX in your tool kit will help you on your way. We will walk through the eight TRX mobility exercises you can use in your mobility and training regime.

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  • Benefits of TRX Mobility Exercises
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  • Shoulder Mobility and Health
  • How to Implement TRX Mobility Exercises
  • Warm Ups
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  • The 7 TRX Mobility Exercise to Add To Your Mobility Routine
  • Sample TRX Mobility Circuit

Benefits of TRX Mobility Exercises

Excellent for Beginners

The TRX mobility exercises are a great way for beginners to hit positions that they may not have been able to perform without the TRX. The TRX lunge and squat are two great examples of this in practice. A true beginner with limited lower body strength and mobility in the hips and ankles can find a body weight squat to challenging to perform. The Squat with TRX support will allow this individual to both gain strength in the squat movement pattern and mobility in the joints that are required to perform the squat, most notably the hip and ankle joint.


The TRX is also a valuable tool for mobility exercises because it allows people to perform their exercise routine while they travel. This is rare, most pieces of exercise equipment are impossible to bring with you as you travel, giving the TRX a huge advantage over other pieces of equipment, especially for those who travel regularly.

Shoulder Mobility and Health

We will look at some of the best exercises available in OUR EXERCISE LIBRARY for improving the mobility of the shoulder whilst also strengthening the muscles that are essential to a healthy and functioning shoulder joint. The TRX gives us access to these exercise, which are great for athletes looking to mitigate injuries. The single arm TRX row with offset KB hold is one of the most effective versions of these exercises and you should consider adding it to your exercise tool box if you want to mitigate shoulder injury, I use it regularly with clients at the end of their shoulder rehab journey and with athletes for injury mitigation.

How to Implement TRX Mobility Exercises

Warm Ups

Personally I think exercises that improve mobility and movement capacity should be worked into a warm up. They are typically not the funnest of exercises, they take time and people are often working on limited time. So taking training economy (the amount of time someone has to exercise) into account, doing these sorts of mobility exercises in your warm up will be a great option to ensure you make consistent progress and save yourself some time.

Within Training Sessions

If you have a very specific mobility requirement, consider putting it into your training session. I use a great deal of bi-sets and tri-sets in my training and training for my clients and mobility issues can easily be ironed out through adding a mobility exercises these bi-sets or tri-sets.

The 7 TRX Mobility Exercise to Add To Your Mobility Routine

The Single Arm TRX Row with Offset KB Hold is one of the most effective exercises in our library for improving both the mobility of the shoulder and the strength of the shoulder. Be sure to use a very light kettlebell and move slowly with control while opening the thoracic spine. This is not an exercise for beginners, you will need to be easily able to perform a TRX single arm row before programming this exercise. The key part of this exercise is when the should opens fully, meaning the muscles in the back are taking less and less of the weight, this will allow the weight to open new ranges of motion whilst gaining strength in those positions.

The Squat with TRX Support is much more for beginners looking to improve their mobility and not for those who are already competent in the squat movement pattern. The TRX will allow you to put your weight into an external object, meaning you will have to lift less load allowing you to work through new ranges of motion without worrying about having to take too much load. This exercise is especially good for those who are overweight and struggle to lift their own bodyweight.

The TRX Curtsy Lunge is also great for beginners, though beginners who are slightly more advanced than those using the Squat with TRX support. It really allows people to open up the hips and try out new positions which they would be unable to do without the support of the TRX, making the TRX a very valuable tool for beginners looking to improve their mobility.

The TRX Lateral Lunge is another brilliant lower body mobility exercise that can be used by mainly intermediate individuals but in some cases it could be used by more beginner or advanced individuals. This should be done slowly with control, lowering the hip slowly to the floor with control will allow you to feel out new ranges of motion while gaining strength in them at the same. The TRX helps in terms of both balance and reducing load through an external object.

The TRX Press is very similar to the Squat with TRX support in that it is for those who are true beginners and need a lot of support learning the basics of strength training. For those who havn’t moved their bodies for 10 or 20 plus years, these basic exercises can be very beneficial. They can also be a great way for people who are being rehabilitated to move through the most basic of movement pattern with an external aide.

The TRX Single Leg Squat is for advanced individuals who are looking to improve the mobility in their hip and ankle. If the pistol squat cannot be performed without the aide of the TRX then this exercise can help you improve your’e movement specific mobility to eventually have the ability to perform the pistol squat. If this exercise is still too challenging, try just performing the eccentric version of the exercise with a slow and controlled tempo, then maybe add a pause to the bottom of the eccentric finally attempting the TRX single leg squat.

TRX Y Raises are a great way to improve both mobility and function of the shoulder joint. The allow the shoulder to move through its full range of motion, for those who have limited range in the shoulder joint this exercise can be very beneficial. It requires a pre-requisite strength in the muscles surrounding the shoulder that a lot of beginners will not have, though some will. You will need to ensure the shoulder is active all the way to the end of the range of motion other wise this movement will just strengthen the current range of motion.

Sample TRX Mobility Circuit

Complete 3 rounds

1. TRX Lateral Lunge

Complete 7 repetitions

2. Single Arm TRX Row with Offset KB Hold

Complete 6 repetitions

3. TRX Y Raises

Complete 6 repetitions

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