The 6 Golf Warm Up Exercises to Add To Your Pre-Game Routine

Warming up for golf is an important part to creating both a consistent swing but also a consistent practice through mitigating injury. Golf requires both the hips and thoracic spine to to open and flowing to be at the top of your game, here we propose six exercises which meet those requires and you can use to prep for your next game of golf.

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In This Resource
  • Benefits of Warming Up for Golf
  • Injury Mitigation
  • Improved Performance
  • Deep Dive
  • The 6 Golf Warm Up Exercises to Add To Your Pre-Game Routine
  • Sample Golf Warm Up Circuit

Benefits of Warming Up for Golf

Injury Mitigation

The golf swing can be difficult for many people as it takes the body through the rotation range of motion. It is very rare that in our day to day lives we move through this range of motion, especially with such intensity. This is why doing a thorough warm up can help mitigate injury when playing golf.

Improved Performance

Having a fluid swing that is repeatable involves having a very similar range of motion every time you play, hence making the warm up for your swing an important process if you want to build a consistent swing.

Deep Dive

If you want to take a look through our 169 warm up exercises and pick ones that fit your needs more specifically, take a look here . We have warm up exercises for all abilities and all forms of exercise so make sure you take the time to find something specific to you and your sport.

The 6 Golf Warm Up Exercises to Add To Your Pre-Game Routine

Adductor Stretch Extension Rotations is a perfect rotation warm up for those looking to warm up for their next outing. It will warm up both the adductors, hips and thoracic spine, prepping you well for your dynamic swing.

Horse Stance Rotations are another brilliant exercise to warm up both the hips and the thoracic spine. Do not squat to aggressively here as the wide stance will limit the depth of your squat. Just come to the natural end of your range of motion.

The Bear Crawl with Rock Backs are an excellent warm up for both the hips and the upper body. Warming up the hips is important for golf as the power needs to be transferred from the lower body through to the upper body, this will require full hip extension.

Bird Dogs are one of the best exercises to warm up the lumbar spine, a crucial part of the rotation movement pattern. The lower back is also a point of injuries for a lot of golfers, so fully warming it up, and strengthening it through resistance training is an important part of staying injury free.

The Cat-Camel is one of the most widely know warm up and cool down exercises, and it is so for a reason. It effectively warms up the spine and the hips through moving from an anterior to posterior pelvic tilt. This will help prepare for golf as the both the spine and the hips need to be functioning well.

Sample Golf Warm Up Circuit

Complete 3 rounds

1. Adductor Stretch with Extension-Rotation

Complete 6 repetitions

2. Bear Crawl with Rock Backs

Complete 8 repetitions

3. Cat-Camel

Complete 8 repetitions

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