The 4 TRX Glute Exercises For Your Home Workouts

A TRX can be an extremely beneficial tool, whether it’s for travel or home training, the TRX provides a huge amount of variety that bodyweight training simply doesn’t allow for. However coming up with your own training programme and being aware of all the exercises available to you when you are not a strength and conditioning coach can be very challenging, especially for muscle groups like the glutes. That’s why we made this list of exercises that you can add into your training plan to grow and strengthen your glutes.

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In This Resource
  • Benefits of TRX Glute Exercises
  • For All Abilities
  • Adaptability
  • How To Use TRX Glute Exercises
  • Full Body Resistance Training
  • Mini-Circuits
  • The 4 TRX Glute Exercises For Your Home Workouts
  • Sample TRX Lower Body Circuit

Benefits of TRX Glute Exercises

For All Abilities

Two of the exercises in this list are for beginners, the TRX Curtsy squat and the TRX glute bridge hold are examples of exercises beginners can use to take their first steps growing and strengthening the different muscles that make up the glutes. But the TRX doesn’t only cater towards beginners, we also have two advanced exercises that beginners can set their sites on and advanced individuals can use in their training programme.


The huge benefit of the TRX is that it can be taken anywhere as it’s so light and easy to travel with. The exercise variety the TRX provides while traveling is a huge advantage as training when you travel can be very boring and mundane if you’re only limited to bodyweight variations. These glute exercises can be done in hotels all around the world to keep up your exercise routine while you trave, or be added into your home training routine.

How To Use TRX Glute Exercises

Full Body Resistance Training

TRX glute exercises can easily be built into full body resistance training. This style of training puts emphasis on training multiple movement patterns and muscle groups within one session. This can allow you to train 2-3 times a week and see great results, rather than using a traditional bodybuilding or strength training split, which doesn’t make much sense in terms of training at home.


These types of full body sessions can also be cut into mini-circuits which can take between 10 and 20 minutes to perform. These can be great if you’re short on time and just want to add some basic movement into your week. The sample TRX lower body circuit below is an excellent example of a circuit you can add into your week.

The 4 TRX Glute Exercises For Your Home Workouts

The TRX Curtsy Lunge is one of the best options for training the lower body with the TRX. This variation is appropriate for beginners and intermediate individuals but for more advanced individuals it is not very effective. For beginners it will allow you to feel out the curtsy lunge while not taking all your weight, this will enable you to perform it with balance and control, creating a successful movement pattern and skill learning before attempting it without support. If it is too easy even if your a beginner or intermediate individual, consider adding a tempo onto the eccentric (downward) portion of the lunge.

The TRX Glute Bridge Hold is a perfect isometric hold to both grow and strengthen the glute muscles but also to build a mind muscle connection with the glutes. The traditional glute bridge hold can be difficult to build the connection with the glutes because there is not opportunity to create enough tension. With the TRX glute bridge hold there can be enough tension created so that the connection can be made. This can be very beneficial for beginners who can go on to use this skill when performing exercises like hip thrust and frog pump variations.

The TRX Hamstring Pull In is a much more challenging exercises, which primarily targets the hamstrings but will also have a great secondary impact on the glutes. This exercise should not be attempted by beginners because it will put too much tension on the hamstrings and could risk injury. If you do attempt this exercise, do it slowly with control and be ready to stop at any point if you feel it is too challenging. For intermediate and advanced individuals, this exercise can be an excellent way to build and maintain hamstring and glute strength. For those looking to use the TRX to maintain their deadlift while on vacation, this exercise is a must.

The TRX Single Leg Squat is a Pistol squat with support, this is great because it offers us a chance to build muscle and strength without putting so much emphasis on balance and stability. A pistol squat (single leg squat without the TRX) requires a great deal of these two physiological attributes, making it an excellent exercise, but when we just want to maintain strength in the legs when training at home or on vacation then the TRX version comes in extremely handy. This exercise can also have a tempo added to it to make it more challenging. A 5 second eccentric phase with as little TRX tension as possible (just for balance) is a great way to maintain strength while on vacation.

Sample TRX Lower Body Circuit

Complete 3 rounds

1. TRX Curtsy Lunge

Complete 8 repetitions

2. TRX Hamstring Pull In

Complete 5 repetitions

3. TRX Glute Bridge Hold

Complete 45 repetitions

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This resource was written by Sean Klein. Sean Richard Klein has thousands of hours of coaching experience and a BSc in Sports Science with Management from Loughborough University. He owns a gym in Bayonne France, CrossFit Essor, which runs group classes and a Personal training studio.

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