A 1-minute plank is equivalent to how many push-ups?

Push ups and Core exercises cannot replace each other as they target different areas. Just as squats cannot be equivalent to push ups, neither can core exercises.

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  • A 1-minute plank is equivalent to how many push-ups?

A 1-minute plank is equivalent to how many push-ups?

I write my articles based on keyword research, this is how I find interesting topics to discuss and reach new audiences. I usually avoid questions and topics such a this one as they are so niche. However this is a very common question and I wanted to answer it.

1-minute plank is equivalent to 0 push ups . They are different exercises, one targets the horizontal press movement category while the other aims to fatigue the core musculature.

When looking for alternatives to the push up, try using our library of horizontal pressing movements that can be used as a substitute.

Any source saying that x amount of push ups is equal to 1 minute plank is pulling numbers out of a hat. Especially when considering that most female who do not strength train can perform a minute plank and perform no push ups.

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