60 minute beginner back workout with sliders at home

Here's everything you need to try our 60 minute beginner back workout with sliders at home. For each circuit, complete each exercise one after the other and repeat it for 3 rounds before continuing on to the next circuit.

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In This Workout
  • Circuit 1
  • Mountain Climbers with Sliders
  • Circuit 2
  • Sliding Reverse Lunge
  • Circuit 3
  • Superman Hold
  • Hamstring Walk Outs
  • Circuit 4
  • Elbow to Hands Plank
  • Tall Plank Knee to Elbow

Circuit 1

Complete this round 3 times.

Mountain Climbers with Sliders

Complete 15 repetitions

Mountain climbers with sliders are an excellent anterior core exercise that should be performed by both athletes and general population clients.

Benefits of Mountain Climbers with Sliders

The main benefits of mountain climbers with sliders is gaining both strength and endurance in the anterior core muscles. It may also give some secondary benefits for beginners who are not adapted to taking their own body weight in the top of press up position.

How To Do Mountain Climbers with Sliders

  1. Start in the top of press up position with the feet on sliders.
  2. Keep one leg straight while you bring the other knee towards the chest.
  3. Once the knee is as close to the elbow as able, alternate the legs and bring the other knee to the chest while you straighten the other leg.
  4. Ensure a tight core position is held throughout the movement.

Coaching Tips For Mountain Climbers with Sliders

Follow these cues to perform Mountain Climbers with Sliders correctly:

  • Maintain a slightly rounded back throughout in order to keep tension in the abdominals
  • Move slowly with control.

Circuit 2

Complete this round 3 times.

Sliding Reverse Lunge

Complete 8 repetitions

Coaching Tips For Sliding Reverse Lunge

Follow these cues to perform Sliding Reverse Lunge correctly:

  • Slowly slide one leg back bringing the back knee to the floor
  • Keep the front knee fixed over the ankle
  • Keep torso angle slightly forward but in a fixed position throughout.

Circuit 3

Complete this round 3 times.

Superman Hold

Complete 30 seconds

The superman hold is one of the most effective lumbar stability core variations.

Benefits of Superman Hold

The main benefit of the superman hold is its ability to gain strength and endurance in the muscles of the lumbar spine including the erector spinae.

How To Do Superman Hold

  1. Lye with the chest on the floor.
  2. Use the muscle in the lumbar spine (lower back) to lift the legs and arms.
  3. Keep the legs together and tense the glutes as much as able.

Coaching Tips For Superman Hold

Follow these cues to perform Superman Hold correctly:

  • Keep feet and hands close together
  • Squeeze the glutes and keep tension throughout the hold.

Hamstring Walk Outs

Complete 7 repetitions

The hamstring walk out is an excellent hamstring exercise that is particularly effective at creating a large stimulus with no external load.

Benefits of Hamstring Walk Outs

The main benefit is the strength gained in the hamstrings. This is an excellent exercise for athletes who need to build strong hamstrings for both performance and injury mitigation. It is also excellent to maintain strength in the hinge pattern and maintain muscle mass if you don’t have access to weights.

How To Do Hamstring Walk Outs

  1. Start in a hip thrust position with the feet pressing into the ground.
  2. Slowly step forward. Take small steps to ensure there is enough time under tension.
  3. Once you’ve moved your feet slightly further away from the hips transition to the heels, creating a lot of tension in the hamstrings.
  4. Do a slight pause when the legs are nearly straight and use the hamstring to hold a strong and stable position.
  5. Step slowly back to the start position, taking small steps.

Coaching Tips For Hamstring Walk Outs

Follow these cues to perform Hamstring Walk Outs correctly:

  • Use the heels
  • Only go as far as the hamstrings feel able
  • Move slowly and deliberately.

Circuit 4

Complete this round 3 times.

Elbow to Hands Plank

Complete 12 repetitions

Coaching Tips For Elbow to Hands Plank

Follow these cues to perform Elbow to Hands Plank correctly:

  • From the plank position, slowly bring yourself to the top of press up position
  • Perform a slight pause each time you find a new position
  • Move slowly with control.

Tall Plank Knee to Elbow

Complete 12 repetitions

The tall knee to elbow exercise is a very effective anterior core exercise that can be used by people of all abilities.

Benefits of Tall Plank Knee to Elbow

The main benefit of the tall plank knee to elbow is it’s ability to develop strength in the anterior core musculature.

How To Do Tall Plank Knee to Elbow

  1. Start in a stable top of press up hold position.
  2. Lift one leg and bring it to the elbow (or as close as your mobility allows).
  3. Return slowly with control to the start position.

Coaching Tips For Tall Plank Knee to Elbow

Follow these cues to perform Tall Plank Knee to Elbow correctly:

  • Bring the knee out and round to touch the elbow
  • Keep the elbows locked throughout
  • Move slowly with control.

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