45 minute intermediate full body workout with a barbell at home

Here's everything you need to try our 45 minute intermediate full body workout with a barbell at home. For each circuit, complete each exercise one after the other and repeat it for 3 rounds before continuing on to the next circuit.

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Sean Klein
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Sean Klein
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In This Workout
  • Circuit 1
  • B-Stance Squat
  • Circuit 2
  • Bent Over Row
  • Circuit 3
  • Barbell Good Morning
  • Weighted Press Ups
  • Hip Elevated Straddle Lifts

Circuit 1

Complete this round 3 times.

B-Stance Squat

Complete 6 repetitions

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Lower Body

The B-Stance Squat is one of the best unilateral variations in the squat movement pattern. Typically for advanced individuals who have a good grasp of much less complex unilateral squat variations.

Benefits of B-Stance Squat

The main benefit of the b-stance squat is building strength and gaining muscle in the squat movement pattern. While secondarily improving hip and knee stability as a great deal of stability is required to perform this movement correctly. If done for a long period of time it can be done with heavy loads and is one of the best ways to heavily load the unilateral squat position.

How To Do B-Stance Squat

  1. Start with the barbell on your back and your hands evenly gripping the barbell.
  2. Foot position is essential to get this movement correct, take a long look at the video and assess the foot positioning its diagonally positioned to the other foot.
  3. The knee faces outwards and as much weight as possible is put into the foot plated on the floor.
  4. Move slowly with control through the squat movement , keeping the torso as upright as possible.
  5. Each repetition ensure as much weight as possible is being put through the foot planted on the floor.

Coaching Tips For B-Stance Squat

Follow these cues to perform B-Stance Squat correctly:

  • Keep torso angle as verticle as possible
  • The back leg acts as a guide, keep just the toes on the floor, the back knee diagonal and ensure it stays high.

Circuit 2

Complete this round 3 times.

Bent Over Row

Complete 7 repetitions

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Upper Body
Horizontal Pull

Coaching Tips For Bent Over Row

Follow these cues to perform Bent Over Row correctly:

  • Do not use any momentum
  • Touch the belly button with the bar
  • Keep chest as horizontal as possible
  • Do not flare out elbows.

Circuit 3

Complete this round 3 times.

Barbell Good Morning

Complete 8 repetitions

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Lower Body

Coaching Tips For Barbell Good Morning

Follow these cues to perform Barbell Good Morning correctly:

  • Bend at the knees and the hips, hinge at the hips slowly bringing the chest towards the floor
  • Feel the tension in the hamstrings.

Weighted Press Ups

Complete 6 repetitions

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Upper Body
Horizontal Press

Coaching Tips For Weighted Press Ups

Follow these cues to perform Weighted Press Ups correctly:

  • Make sure you get someone to put the plates on and off your back
  • Gently touch the chest to the floor
  • Keep hips and shoulders inline throughout.

Hip Elevated Straddle Lifts

Complete 5 repetitions

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Lower Body
Hip Stability

Coaching Tips For Hip Elevated Straddle Lifts

Follow these cues to perform Hip Elevated Straddle Lifts correctly:

  • Alter the height of the plates to modulate difficulty
  • Press your hands into the floor inbetween the legs
  • Lift with as much control as able.

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This workout was made by Sean Klein

Sean Klein


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