30 minute intermediate full body workout with kettlebells at home

Here's everything you need to try our 30 minute intermediate full body workout with kettlebells at home. For each circuit, complete each exercise one after the other and repeat it for 3 rounds before continuing on to the next circuit.

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In This Workout
  • Circuit 1
  • Double KB Gorilla Row
  • Goblet B-Stance Squat
  • Alternating KB Floor Press
  • Circuit 2
  • KB Full Moon
  • Single Arm OH KB Hold

Circuit 1

Complete this round 3 times.

Double KB Gorilla Row

Complete 12 repetitions

The double kettlebell gorilla row is an excellent horizontal pulling variation, especially for those with kettlebell only set ups.

Benefits of Double KB Gorilla Row

The primary benefit of the double kettlebell gorilla row is building muscle in the back muscles and increasing strength in the horizontal pull movement pattern. The secondary benefit of the double kettlebell gorilla row is improvements in core stability due to the work that is required from the lumbar spine. This movement requires a lot of stabilisation from the lumbar spine though this shouldn’t be the limiting factor.

How To Do Double KB Gorilla Row

  1. Start with a wide base, with the feet wider than the hips.
  2. Deadlift the weight up to the hips, then hinge down to the starting position, this will make maintaining a good hinge position throughout much easier.
  3. Pull the kettlebells so that the hands are inline with the belly button.
  4. Slowly lower the kettlebells back to the starting position.

Coaching Tips For Double KB Gorilla Row

Follow these cues to perform Double KB Gorilla Row correctly:

  • Maintain an arch in the lower back
  • Keep shoulders and hips square
  • Pull slowly with control keeping the elbows close to the body.

Goblet B-Stance Squat

Complete 6 repetitions

The Goblet B-Stance Squat is a very effective single leg squat variation. It requires a decent amount of technique and mobility to perform precision.

Benefits of Goblet B-Stance Squat

The main benefit is the strength gains in the muscles of the legs. Secondarily this exercise has benefits for the mobility of the hips if they are lacking in mobility.

How To Do Goblet B-Stance Squat

  1. Foot placement for the supporting foot is very important for this exercise. The supporting foot needs to be slightly wider than a traditional squat and slightly back from the flat foot.
  2. Put the supporting foot on your tip toe, and relax it as much as possible.
  3. Squat downwards by bending at the knees.
  4. Knee placement of the supporting leg can be very challenging, it needs to be outward as much as possible, and not towards the floor like a lunge.

Coaching Tips For Goblet B-Stance Squat

Follow these cues to perform Goblet B-Stance Squat correctly:

  • Keep torso angle as verticle as possible
  • The back leg acts as a guide
  • Keep just the toes on the floor, the back knee diagonal and stays high throughout.

Alternating KB Floor Press

Complete 8 repetitions

Coaching Tips For Alternating KB Floor Press

Follow these cues to perform Alternating KB Floor Press correctly:

  • Rest the head of KB on the forearms
  • Alternate between sides
  • Do not flare out the elbow, keep it close to the body
  • Gently touch the elbows to the floor
  • Lock the elbows at the top of each rep.

Circuit 2

Complete this round 3 times.

KB Full Moon

Complete 6 repetitions

Coaching Tips For KB Full Moon

Follow these cues to perform KB Full Moon correctly:

  • Start with the feet in a wide stance and the kettlebell at the hips
  • Hinge down so the kb is close to the floor then rotate the kb around in circle, watching it the entire movement
  • Move slowly with control.

Single Arm OH KB Hold

Complete 40 seconds

Coaching Tips For Single Arm OH KB Hold

Follow these cues to perform Single Arm OH KB Hold correctly:

  • Lock elbow overhead with bicep next to your ear
  • Keep rib cage tucked.

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This workout was made by Sean Klein

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