30 minute intermediate ab workout with rings at home

Here's everything you need to try our 30 minute intermediate ab workout with rings at home. For each circuit, complete each exercise one after the other and repeat it for 3 rounds before continuing on to the next circuit.

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In This Workout
  • Circuit 1
  • Single Leg Ring Fall-Outs
  • Circuit 2
  • Ring Tuck Hold
  • Ring Hanging Knee Raises
  • Single Arm Ring Plank

Circuit 1

Complete this round 3 times.

Single Leg Ring Fall-Outs

Complete 6 repetitions

Coaching Tips For Single Leg Ring Fall-Outs

Follow these cues to perform Single Leg Ring Fall-Outs correctly:

  • Find a stable position on one leg
  • Slowly press your hands overhead, resisting the extension of the lower back.

Circuit 2

Complete this round 3 times.

Ring Tuck Hold

Complete 20 seconds

Coaching Tips For Ring Tuck Hold

Follow these cues to perform Ring Tuck Hold correctly:

  • Keep the elbows locked throughout
  • Keep the feet and knees together at all times.

Ring Hanging Knee Raises

Complete 7 repetitions

Coaching Tips For Ring Hanging Knee Raises

Follow these cues to perform Ring Hanging Knee Raises correctly:

  • Start in an active hang position
  • Keep the knees and feet together at all times
  • Lift the knees slowly with control.

Single Arm Ring Plank

Complete 15 seconds

The single arm OH KB Hold is an excellent core strength and shoulder stability exercise. Very similar to the single arm OH KB carry that is more traditionally used, but is more appropriate for those who find this positioning very difficult or have limited space.

Benefits of Single Arm Ring Plank

There are two major benefits to the single arm OH KB hold, primary the benefits are to the core musculature. As we are using a weight on one side of the body, the weight pulls the body to rotate, meaning we will be resisting rotation throughout the hold. This exercise is also a great way to improve the stability and strength of the shoulder joint. It requires you to resist a lot of fatigue and generate a lot of stability in the joint to maintain the position. Finally this exercise can be a great way to more on shoulder mobility. Those who struggle to put weight over their head and keep the exercise technically clean can use this exercise to great effect.

How To Do Single Arm Ring Plank

  1. Start with the kettlebell in the front rack position and press the weight overhead so that the elbow is locked and the arm is completely straight.
  2. Hold as still as possible, keeping a tight core and shoulder joint.

Coaching Tips For Single Arm Ring Plank

Follow these cues to perform Single Arm Ring Plank correctly:

  • Create tension in both rings first and then release one to find the position safely
  • Keep hips and shoulders inline
  • Lock the elbow and do not allow it to bend.

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This workout was made by Sean Klein

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