30 minute intermediate ab workout

Here's everything you need to try our 30 minute intermediate ab workout. For each circuit, complete each exercise one after the other and repeat it for 3 rounds before continuing on to the next circuit.

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Sean Klein
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Sean Klein
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In This Workout
  • Circuit 1
  • Lateral Crab Walk
  • L Crunch
  • Eccentric Slide Outs to Press Ups
  • Circuit 2
  • Long Lever Plank
  • KB Front Rack Carry

Circuit 1

Complete this round 3 times.

Lateral Crab Walk

Complete 15 meters

Shoulder Stability

Coaching Tips For Lateral Crab Walk

Follow these cues to perform Lateral Crab Walk correctly:

  • Move slowly with control, slowly transitioning the weight from one hand to the next.

L Crunch

Complete 14 repetitions

Anterior Core

The L Crunch is a very effective anterior core exercise. With a similar movement pattern as the sit up but with more tension created in the abdominals and less opportunity to use momentum.

Benefits of L Crunch

The benefit of the L Crunch is strength and endurance gained in the anterior core muscles.

How To Do L Crunch

  1. Lye flat on the floor, lifts the legs so the feet are above the hips and slightly bent.
  2. Press the lower back into the floor and lift the hands towards the feet, using the abdominal muscles to create the movement.

Coaching Tips For L Crunch

Follow these cues to perform L Crunch correctly:

  • Keep the legs straight throughout
  • Bring the hands to the feet creating tension in the abdominals.

Eccentric Slide Outs to Press Ups

Complete 5 repetitions

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Anterior Core

Coaching Tips For Eccentric Slide Outs to Press Ups

Follow these cues to perform Eccentric Slide Outs to Press Ups correctly:

  • Maintain a slightly rounded back throughout
  • Stay controlled throuhgout, only slide to where you feel comfortable
  • Lower the elbows and move into the bottom of press up position.

Circuit 2

Complete this round 3 times.

Long Lever Plank

Complete 20 seconds

Anterior Core

Coaching Tips For Long Lever Plank

Follow these cues to perform Long Lever Plank correctly:

  • Elbows are placed further from the feet to create a long level adding difficulty
  • Ensure you keep hips in line with shoulders.

KB Front Rack Carry

Complete 15 meters

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Full Body
Resisting Rotation

The Kettlebell Front Rack Carry is one of the best carry options available in the weightroom and can be effective for both health and athletic adaptations.

Benefits of KB Front Rack Carry

The main benefit of the kettlebell front rack carry is the adaptations it creates in the core muscles of the lower back, specifically the muscles surrounding the lower back (erector spinae) which are important for many reasons including improved posture, improved and stronger positions on exercises like hinging and squatting and finally injury mitigation for the spine in contact or extreme sports.

How To Do KB Front Rack Carry

  1. Place the kettlebells in the front rack position, with the elbows tucked and the kettlebell resting on the forearm and bicep.
  2. Walk slowly with control, taking the time to transfer the weight from one foot to the other and allowing yourself the time to take the weight through a single leg. If the exercise is rushed it becomes redundant.

Coaching Tips For KB Front Rack Carry

Follow these cues to perform KB Front Rack Carry correctly:

  • Keep the kettlebells in a secure front rack position throughout
  • Keep the back straight and resist the pull of the weight
  • Keep the elbows down and do not lift them up as you get fatigued.

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This workout was made by Sean Klein

Sean Klein


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